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Welcome to Powerful Light TM

We are facing the transformative crisis of our time. It is at times like this that forces us to find our strength and courage from within. We are available to support you by phone and by proxy. Be well and safe.

Astrologer Roman Oleh

Astrologer, author, and shamanic practitioner, Roman Oleh, offers his clients a revolutionary new approach that supports healing, transformation, and growth from the standpoint of the spirit and soul.

Unlike conventional astrology, Roman Oleh has pioneered an approach that takes astrology back to its spiritual and yogic roots - a true and decisive aid in supporting the evolution of the soul and our relationship to spirit. It is based on years of pioneering research and in-depth sessions with clients for over two decades.

Roman is currently in the process of authoring several books on Astrology. He also teaches classes and workshops on astrology and related subjects. More

Shamanic Healer Susana Sori

Master Shamanic Practitioner, Spiritual and Life Coach, Susana Sori, has helped thousands of clients move forward through her warm heart, courage, and steadfast resolve.

Susana Sori offers you a healing environment that is positive, supportive, direct, comfortable, and confidential. Her focus is to free her clients from the obstacles and issues that hold them back, supporting a client’s positive shift at the physical, energetic, soul, and spiritual level.

Susana Sori has a worldwide practice, offering profound transformational support through energy medicine, shamanic healing, and life coaching to clients via individual, couple and group sessions by phone and by proxy.

In Susana's words: "I keep you on track towards your destiny! I welcome the opportunity to support you in the continuing journey that opens up more possibilities for your growth and greatness." More

Just Released - The Signs: The Ancient Knowledge

The most incredible book on the astrologhical Signs

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The Signs will take you beyond what you may think astrology is. It will reveal the secret and core meanings of each of the Signs and the key they provide to understanding yourself and the people in your life. That key is knowing jour Sun Sign truly means, at the level of spirit and becoming.

The glyphs and images handed down through the Ages hold two mythic stories for each Sign. You are probably familiar with the more popular version described from the perspective of culture looking in from the outside, how we get caught and become less than the promise and potential of our birth and natal chart.

The other version reveals the path back to the full expression of your Sign. The Signs describes the journey of your spirit manifesting in the world, and from that perspective, it reveals the path back to your core, to who you are at the level of your heart and soul. This book is an invitation to discover that key within yourself, towards your greater becoming.

See Roman's video on The Signs


Being Centered - How to Live from Your Authentic Self
The must-have book to support your healing process!

Being Centered is regarded as the best book for self healing

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Being Centered pioneered a new approach to growth and the healing process. It asks two fundamental questions: How did we lose our authentic self, our connection to our core? And how do we reconnect to our center and our heart and return to our power and aliveness?

Being Centered focuses on the practical steps that take us back to our center, to who we are meant to be. This book shares unique insights and proven solutions to make real changes. It has been called the best life coach in book form. Each succeeding chapter shows a different path, a different approach back to our more authentic nature. More

A sample of reviews:

"It's a life coach in a book . . ."

"This is the BEST book on self healing I have ever come across! It should be on everybody's desk."

"The chapter that defines the differences between feelings and emotions - BRILLIANT! It as changed the way I approach people."

Astrology as a Healing System

The most incredible book on the astrologhical Signs

A Powerful LightTM Astrology natal reading offered by Roman goes to a far greater depth than a typical astrological consultation or reading. It is a healing journey to reconnect to your true nature and promise.

Astrologer Roman Oleh Yaworsky offers fundamental and practical steps to regain that promise, to regain your destiny. Using the innovative approaches and principles that he wrote about in Being Centered, Roman lays the groundwork for effective, fundamental, and realizable positive changes for his astrology clients.

Energy Medicine and Shamanic Healing

Astrologer Roman Oleh has transformed astrology into a healing system

Powerful LightTM brings together the Shamanic arts from the Inca tradition of the High Andes, the healing practices from the traditions of yoga, and the transformative Spirit and Soul work of the West.

The Shamanic arts take healing to the level of Soul and Spirit. Among our offerings are Soul Retrieval, Chakra Clearing, Rites, Ceremonies, and Destiny Retrieval.

Both practitioners have an extensive background in Spiritual Counseling and Coaching, and spiritual awakening support. Additionally, Susana offers years of experience as a Hatha Yoga teacher trainer, supporting the energetics of breathwork and movement.

Susana also has extensive training in the Resonance RepatterningTM System of Healing and Transformation. This system reveals the means to shift and release past disharmonious experiences. It uses advanced kinesiology and modalities to tune to a client's field.

Experience these healing methods as effectively practiced with the lightheartedness and shamanic understanding that both Susana Sori and Roman Oleh Yaworsky bring to their clients.More

Astrology Events

Astrology Workshop: An Introduction to the Deep Meaning of the 12 Astrology Signs. Copyright 2014 by Roman Oleh Yaworsky

The Mercury Retrograde Cycle

Three or four times a year, as Mercury goes retrograde in the sky, many experience challenges and delays with trips, communication, scheduling, and communication. It occurs at two levels. Here is a detailed overview of the process.

Mercury Retrograde Calendar for October 2021


2022 Mercury Retrograde Calendar

2023 Mercury Retrograde Calendar

We have been providing the original Mercury Retrograde Calendar with all of its phases since 2013.

Our Workshops and Courses

We are proud to offer a series of courses and workshops that support your growth and becoming. They include original insights and practical tools.

Our in-person workshops are on hold during the crisis. We are in the process of designing streaming and interactive web-based workshops and courses. Below are some of the courses we will be working on to shift to online resources. Keep in touch to follow our progress.

Astrology Workshop: An Introduction to the Deep Meaning of the 12 Astrology Signs. Copyright 2014 by Roman Oleh Yaworsky

Introduction to Astrology: Part 1: The Foundations of Spiritual Astrology

Astrology has always been a spiritual Science: A means to show the path of reconnecting to your Spirit and Core. In this 5-week workshop series, Astrologer Roman Oleh will reveal the keys to understanding your own sign, your healing journey, your path of transformation, and your relationship to the people around you.

Q'ero Nine Keys for Spiritual and Energetic Activation

The Nine Rites for Spiritual Activation

These ancient rites, performed in the Q'ero language, are a set of energetic and spiritual initiations, keys to unlock our inner potential.

Energy awareness

Energy AwarenessTM

12 CEUs for LMTs and other selected healing professions

This 2-day workshop introduces participants to a practical understanding of the human energy field, the way we interact with others at many levels, and the ways we can learn to maintain and protect our good energy. This is an especially vital workshop for those in the healing and support professions.

DC flower

Ancient Knowledge for Supporting Another in Passage

18 CEUs for LMTs and other selected healing professions

This 2 1/2 day workshop intensive takes you through a deeper experiential understanding of the key moments of your life and of those around you. We often have expressions for these times of great shift or challenge. This workshop gives you the insights to take advantage of what these times really can mean for you.

Astrology and Fate: a closeup of Vitruvius depiction of the macrocosm

The Nature and Influence of the ChakrasTM

The Nature and Influence of the Chakras TM is a solid foundation from which to understand the energetic dynamics of the subtle anatomy. This workshop explores both chakra systems: The inner Chakras that map out our spiritual journey and the outer Chakras that we sense in our everyday interactions with others.

This is an in-depth presentation of the Chakras from both spiritual and healing perspectives. It is a practical emersion in how to access these places of inner knowing and transformation.

Sacred Lotus, image credit wikimedia

Free Your Destiny

16 CEUs for LMTs and other selected healing professions Free Your Destiny TM addresses the fundamental understanding and means available to free our bodies, energy, soul, and spirit from the traps of fate. It is especially vital for those working with people in the healing professions. It offers a practical approach for staying centered and healthy around your clients.

Through insights, understanding, and practical instructions, participants will gain a deeper understanding of the energetic relationships of the physical body with its luminous anatomy. This workshop provides a key