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The Despacho & Sacred Fire Ceremonies

Ceremonies for Gratitude, Abundance and Resetting

Next Ceremony TBA for 2019
Miami Beach FL

I invite you to share sacred space, clear and recharge your energy field, strengthen your balance and love in these challenging times, and offer your heartfelt gratitude for the abundance you have, or would like to have, in your life.

Machu Picchu, Inca healing traditions of Peru

The Despacho Ceremony

A Despacho ceremony is a profoundly beautiful and ancient ceremony that is still widely performed today in Peru. In the Andes, a Despacho ceremony is done to renew the powers of nature in our body and attain balance for each of us and our loved ones. This ceremony brings us into harmonious relationship with heaven and earth, and aligns the shaman with the archetypal organizing principles of the Universe.

The ceremony begins with the individual clearing and grounding of each participant's energy field. Then follows the traditional Despacho ceremony where the shaman constructs an offering of gratitude to Mother Earth and the Mountain Spirits.

In this ceremony, the shaman’s work is similar to the work of a collage artist. Using symbolic elements such as seeds, flowers, shells, and candies the shaman builds a colorful and sweet prayer bundle that is later offered to the earth and up to the heavens through fire or burial. Those in attendance may place prayers of gratitude or requests into the offering.

After the Despacho is completed and bundled, the shaman uses it to cleanse the energy body of each participant. Their requests, as well as their heavy energies, are then "dispatched" to Guides and Spirits when the offering is burned or buried by the shaman.

There are many different types of Despachos and many reasons for which one may be offered - from requesting financial abundance and health, saying goodbye to a loved one who has left their body, welcoming a new born, disconnecting malignant energies from our life, requesting a marriage partner, to attracting any beneficial situations to our lives.

Registration link coming soon

The Ayni Despacho Ceremony

Ayni’ means reciprocity, the cycle of offering and of receiving. This is a wonderful opportunity to take part in creating a shower of good will and blessings for ourselves, the earth and all living beings so that we may live in peaceful ease in these challenging times.

Susana Sori presents Ayni Despacho and Sacred Ceremonies of Inca Peru. Copyright 2011 by Susana Sori

As a result of this ceremony, we will have released ‘hucha’ (the negative energies in our energetic field which holds us stuck in any aspect of our life) and, will bring forth expansion and abundance on the part of your life that you personally choose, as well as, expansion and abundance for the world.

Registration link coming soon

Susana Sori presents The Sacred Fire Ceremony of the Peru Inca, Copyright 2011 by Roman Oleh Yaworsky

The Despacho and the Sacred Fire

The Despacho and Sacred Fire Ceremonies will bring you into alignment with your chosen personal intent, the group intent, and offer gratitude to the earth which supports us in all our endeavors. These beautiful ceremonies also bring each of the participants into internal alignment with their feeling, heart, spirit, and energetic wisdom.

These ceremonies harmonize the community through the sharing of gifts to the earth all of which strengthen the luminous fibers connecting us all. Throughout the process of the Despacho and Sacred Fire Ceremony, we are able to dream our world anew, creating health and empowerment on an energetic level.

Finally, no matter the reason for which ceremony is done, it always seems to draw us into its soft, deep meditative quality, heightening our senses and allowing us to be truly present in that very moment.

All are welcome!

The Sacred Fire Ceremony

A Sacred Fire Ceremony is a complete ceremony in itself which you may attend even if you do not attend the Despacho ceremony earlier that afternoon. I invite you to reconnect and align with your true heart and spirit in the sacred space of the fire ceremony.

We will first gather indoors as a group to align our intentions for releasing our individual negative resonances into the fire and, to receive instructions as to how to approach the sacred fire. Then, as a group, we go to where the fire is being prepared.

As the shaman lights the fire and tends to it, the group will chant to focus their energy. During the ceremony, each person has the opportunity to approach the fire to request healing, offer prayers.

The Sacred Fire is known as the mouth of Mother Earth. After we have chanted and honored the fire as a group and individually, the Despacho bundle will be placed on the fire to be offered to the Mother.

While the Despacho is being burned, the participants must have their backs to the flames so that the Spirit of the Earth, through its mouth, the fire, can consume and digest our ‘hucha’ (heavy energy) and release our pure prayers up to the heavens.

Susana Sori presents The Despacho Ceremony and offering to the sacred fire, the shamanism of the Inca of Peru, Copyright 2011, Roman Oleh Yaworsky

For further information on the next event, or to request a despacho or fire ceremony at your home or place of celebration in the Miami area: For further information on the next fire cermeony and dispacho eventcontact HR Shaman



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