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Services and Fees

Individual Holograhic and Resonace Repatterning SessionsIndividual Repatterning Sessions

Individual Shamanic Healing SessionsIndividual Shamanic Sessions

Couples, families and partner healing and counselling sessionsCouple & Partner Sessions

Individual programs for healing and coachingIndividual Programs

Energetic clearing and renewal of your home and office spaceEnergetic Clearing and Renewal of Your Home or Office

Associated Services

Astrology and horoscope readingsAstrology Consultations

Corportate renewal and management interventionsCorporate Renewal Programs

online prgrams, courses and workshopsOnline Group Programs and In-Person Courses

Continuing Education Courses, CE and CEUContinuing Education

Hosting workshiops and courses for business and managagementHosting Courses and workshops for a Business Group, Friends or Family


Susana Sori offers motivational and transformational support to clients world wide via individual, couple and group person, by phone and by proxy. Susana has been supporting personal transformation for many years to a varied international clientele in the North, Central and South Americas, Europe, Australia and China. The individual and group sessions are offered from a distance by phone and by proxy. Below you will find a menu of the support Susana offers. Choose the type of session you prefer. Each program will shift you another step toward wholeness and success!

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Individual energy healing and shamanic healing session costsIndividual Sessions & Fees

Release non-coherent resonances, move forward and manifest your intentions. Individual sessions may be done either in-person, by phone or by proxy.

All individual in-person or phone sessions run between 1 hour and 1hour and a half. Some sessions may need additional time and work. If the client wishes to extend the healing session, a nominal fee may be added, agreed to by both parties ahead or during the service.

Please allow up to an hour and forty minutes for your first session in order to have time to be introduced to the work.

Payment Options: You may pay for your In-Person Session by personal check or cash. You may also pre-pay your In-Person session by credit card or bank transfer below.

You may pay for your Phone Session from anywhere in the world via the button just below. Your payment may be sent as a bank transfer, or charged to most major credit cards.

Choose the appropriate payment for your individual session:

Individual Healing Sessions by Phone

Appointment Changes and Cancellations

A 24 hour notice, by email or voice mail, is requested. This allows the appointment time to be offered to another person on the waiting list.

Please read: Cancellations or reschedules made with less than 24 hours notification will carry a fee of 50% of session type requested, applicable if this is your first session or a return session, either in-person or by phone.

Couple, partner and family energy healing and life coaching sessionsCOUPLE, PARTNER and FAMILY Sessions

Create your own goals for energy healingCreate your goals and dreams together and come into energetic support of them so you can attract them to your life with greater ease.

Energy healing and life coaching sessions help you return to resonanceWork out your differences and resonate to harmony, respect and love. Couple, family and partnership sessions are also available. These sessions are offered both in-person and by phone.

Energy healing and life coaching wth larger groupsI invite working with families, teams and interested parties. In cases of 3 or 4 people in a session, The length and cost of the session will be discussed on a per case basis. Please request fee schedule.

Individual energy healing and life coaching programsIndividual Programs

Take the '5 Steps to Manifestation' of your life goals, dreams and relationships. Healing and Energy Medicine Session with Susana SoriClick for program details

A specific series of individual sessions meant to deeply work on particular issue or intention, releasing what you no longer need and shifting into a renewed life! This transformational program requires a minimum of 7 to 9 sessions.

"What otherwise would've taken years of psychotherapy and numerous weekend "boot camp" retreats, Susana's support through 'The 5 Steps to Manifestation' accomplished for me the same in just 8 sessions, spanning only 3 months' time, and for much less money! Whatever may be your intention to manifest, engage her services. You won't be disappointed!" -

Deb C., Certified Business Coach with Quantum Growth Coaching, LLC

More testimonials

Energetic clearing and renewal of your home or officeEnergetic Clearing and Renewal of Your Home or Office

Once you begin taking steps toward your transformation and well-being, you may begin to move out of phase with old energies and patterns that lodge in the the places you live or work in and in the objects that surround you. A clearing of those energetics will support and help solidify the shifts you are making.

Depending on the square footage of your home or office, a thorough clearing may take anywhere from 2 hours to 3 1/2 hours. This visit would also include a thorough clearing of the chakras and luminous energy body of the person who lives in that home, and has requested the clearing of the home. Additional family members, living in the same home, may also be cleared on this visit at an additional, yet reduced cost.

Energy Clearing - For areas less than 5,000 sq.ft. -plus 1person

Astyrology and horoscope readings for individuals, couples and groupsAstrology Consultations

HR Shaman is proud to host the services of master astrologer and author, Roman Oleh Yaworsky. He has effectively turned astrology into a powerful and effective healing system in its own right.

His Powerful Light Astrology™ shows you the path back to your core, to an understanding of the potential of your spirit in this life. It sheds light on your life, revealing the opportunities and gifts that lie behind your experiences and challenges.

More importantly, it reveals the practical and reachable steps you can take in your personal path to regain your power and destiny.

Powerful Light AstrologyT™: for your spirit and soul by Roman Oleh Yaworsky. In depth sessions revealing your key issues, life lessons, gifts and path to success.

Please visit: In depth astrology and horscope readings at for more information.

Worskhops and group transformation sessionsOnline Group Programs and In-Person Workshops

The focused intention and energy of the group towards one goal, helps take each participant there faster.

Group Transformational Programs are offered throughout the year at specific locations and/or online, by proxy. If you are not in the location where the group program/workshop is being held, you may sign up as a long distance or by proxy participant. As a proxy participant, you will receive a detailed report of the transformational session you registered for and be able to review all the issues shifted and the new positive resonances now held in your system as a result of the session.

Group Transformational Programs range from being a single-session event to being a Series of 5-sessions minimum. Costs depends on how many sessions are being offered. All upcoming Group Repatterning Programs are announced by email notification.

Susana offers Group Online Programs and Group In-Person Workshops on varied topics for self-growth and empowerment. The following Programs and Workshops are some of those offered during the year. Know that new workshops are always being created to fit the specific needs of the group.

Surviving change transformation seriesSurviving Change™ - Series 1, 2 & 3

What's holding me backWhat is Holding Me Back? ©

Succeeding in turbulent times; The workshopSucceeding in Turbulent Times ©

Healing family connectionsHealing the Family Connections ©

The Golden Vessel (copyright 2001), trusting your selfThe Golden Vessel© (trusting Self)

The Golden Dragon (copyright 2001), empowering yourselfThe Golden Dragon© (empowering Self)

Shape Up! Power Up! Series, copyright 2003Shape Up! Power Up!© - Series 1 & 2

World Peace Repatterning SessionsOffered free of charge, at various times throughout the year: World Peace Repatterning sessions!

Worskhops and group transformation sessionsContinuing Education, CE and CEU (Continuing Education Units)

For more information on Continuing Education credits available, go to: SpiritUnleashed (TM) Continuing Education Credits and UnitsSpiritUnleashed™ Courses!

Some of the courses currently available for continuing education credits:

Dying Consciously offered by the Institute of Energy MedicineOn Dying Consciously (offered through the Institute for Energy Medicine)

The Nature and Influence of the ChakrasThe Nature and Influence of the Chakras ©

On Being and ProtectionOn Being and Protection

View or upcomming prgramsView upcoming programs

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Corportate renewal, leadership training, executive and management consultingCorporate Renewal Programs

Our corporate programs support individuals, work groups, executive and managerial staff, as well as, support staff - we empower your entire staff on all levels. We will work with you to identify and define your needs, then create a customized curriculum for transformation appropriate for your corporate and team goals and timeline. Corporate fees are applied on a per case bases, or as in a curriculum, on a per contract basis. If you would like to make an appointment to discuss your possibilities, feel free to contact us.

Visit our business oriented website: coprorate renewal, management and staff relations at companies alive (TM)Companies Alive

Hosting of workshops for groups and businessesHosting a Workshop for your Friends, Family, Clients or Business Group

Being the host of a group is an incredible experience. Whether in a business environment or personal home, you, as host, are welcoming others growth and transformation in various areas of their lives!

We have found that in these workshops the positive energy of transformation (brought forth by the practitioner's healing intention for the group and by the group's intention towards moving forward in their own lives) not only shifts but also enlivens each of the participants and also the home or business venue in which the workshop is being held. Previous hosts have commented that this experience advanced their business tremendously and gave them a deep sense of satisfaction and new-found connections to their colleagues, friends or family.

Business Groups or workshops composed of your clients, friends or family, may be held to address any of the specific topics listed above, or address a business or personal topic of your own choosing.

Facilitator's fees are discussed on a per case basis depending on the length of the workshop and the size of the group..

If you would like to host a group workshop in your home or workplace, or would like to find a specific transformational theme for your group, please email susana for more informationemail Susana for further information.



Don't miss the opportunity to shift out of your old life-depleting patterns and move on to your great new life. Experience this healing method as effectively practiced with the lightheartedness and shamanic understanding that Susana Sorí brings

In person Energy Medicine and Life Coaching sessions serving Miami, Miami Beach, Fort Lauderdale and South Florida. Sessions by phone supporting clients locally and internationally.  

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