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Susana Sori, Miami Energy Medicine, Resonane Repattering and Life Coach. Copyright 2010, Susana Sori

About Susana Sorí's Practice

Miami Healer, Energy Medicine Practitioner and Life Coach

Keeping you on track towards your greater destiny!

My mission is to motivate, support and assist people to successfully move through personal and work related transitions. I support an international clientele, with several hundred returning or new referrals per year,
representing a wide range of social and professional backgrounds. Most of my clients are financial advisors, corporate executives and people in the healing and medical fields such as doctors, psychiatrists, surgeons, psychologists, social workers, nurses and therapists.

As co-owner and executive manager of Spirit Unleashed™ and HR Shaman™, I have been offering new and innovative courses, materials and books for personal growth and transformation. SpiritUnleashed™ published Being Centered by Roman Oleh Yaworsky, an innovative and practical guide to healing.


Susana's Background

Susana Sori offers you a healing environment that is positive, supportive, direct, comfortable and confidential.
As an accomplished healer, life coach and educator, Susana is an innovative and resourceful agent for change with a warm and compassionate personal style.

Her focus is to free her clients from the obstacles and issues that hold them back, supporting a client’s positive shift at the physical, energetic, soul or spiritual level.

Certified graduate of the 'Luminous Healing and Energy Medicine' program, and of the advanced masters program 'Way of the Sage' from the Four Winds Society.

A master practitioner of Resonance Repatterning ®,

Successfully combining Life Coaching with Energy Healing: Susana Sori takes Life Coaching to the next level, by helping her clients release what has been holding them back with Shamanic Healing and Energy Medicine, Yoga, Meditation and Breath Work.
Certified teacher of 'Dying Consciously: The Greatest Journey' for the Institute for Energy Medicine, The Four Winds Society. A gift of the native healing traditions, this course directly addresses the clearing of the energy body and chakras of the dying, as well as the spiritual support for the dying and close relatives.

Certified as a teacher of Yoga and Meditation for the last 23 years and her long discipleship under meditation masters since 1973, have qualified her to successfully support clients with spiritual awakening issues, spiritual coaching, chakra clearing and balancing.
Susana has been an exhibiting visual artist since 1973. As a creative person herself, she is well aware of ebbs and flows of creative energy and is able to 'mid-wife' breakthroughs to artists, writers and any creative individual, no matter their profession.

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Susana has had great success in helping clients through the following:

Life Coaching and PartneringLife Coaching: Partnering with clients to support their goals and Life Direction
Coaching for the creative and performing artsLife Coaching for the creative and performing arts
Life Coaching with individuals, couples and FamiliesHealing and Life Coaching with Individuals, Couples and Families
Supporting the dying and their familiesEnergy Medicine and Spiritual Coaching with the dying and their families
Healing Emotional BlocksHealing and Resolving Emotional and mental blocks and Holding patterns
Overcoming physical limitationsPhysical limitations
Miami Spiritual Life CoachgSpiritual Life Coaching: Spiritual Awakening issues
Coaching for the arts and removal of creative blocksCoaching for the Arts: Artistic/Creative Blockages: Reclaiming your core, spontaneity and expansion
Corporate coaching, healing and renewalCorporate Coaching, Healing and Renewal: Interceding to shift the energetics and working dynamics of companies, departments and teams.
Business partner and employee relationsShifting the Energy of Business partner and employer/employee issues
Energy Medicine and Life Coaching in the WorkplaceEnergy Medicine and Life Coaching in the Workplace: Resolving Group issues and dynamics

Susana offers you total confidence in your progress that has emerged from experience, integrity, and the courage to reach your issues for transformation. She can support you through sessions:

 Healing and Energy Medicine Session with Susana Soriin-person in Miami  ,     Healing and Energy Medicine Session with Susana Soriby phone or by proxy.


Susana's Professional Background

Susana Sorí has an extensive background of experience in motivating individuals and groups towards their freedom and full potential. It is one of her strengths as a Life Coach and Educator that she can share her enthusiasm, heart and the rewards of her accomplishments and understanding with her clients.

Some of Susana's background that has supported her offerings to you is listed below:

Primary Degrees & Qualifications

Leadership TrainerLeadership Trainer, Consultant, Educator and Speaker
Certified teacher by the Institute for Energy MedicineCertified Teacher, 'The Great Journey: Dying Consciously', Institute for Energy Medicine
Avanced Master's program in Energy MedicineAdvanced Master Program, The Way of the Sage Program, The Four Winds Society
Cerified in Luminous Healing and Energy MedicneGraduate, Luminous Healing & Energy Medicine, Healing the Light Body Program, The Four Winds Soc.
Practitioner in Shamanic ArtsShamanic Arts Practitioner in the Q’ero healing tradition from the High Andes of Peru.
Ordained MinisterOrdained Minister
Certified Resonance RepatterningCertified Practitioner Resonance Repatterning® System
Certified in Remote HealingCertified by Resonance Repatterning Association for the practice of remote, long distance healing
Certified Teacher of YogaCertified Teacher of Yoga, Breath Work, SYDA Foundation
Art and MetaphysicsDegrees in Art and Metaphysics, Michigan State University

Susana offers you total confidence in your progress that has emerged from experience, integrity, and the courage to reach your issues for transformation. She can support you through sessions:

 Healing and Energy Medicine Session with Susana Soriin-person in Miami,     Healing and Energy Medicine Session with Susana Soriby phone or by proxy.

Active Memberships

Institute for Energy MedicineInstitute for Energy Medicine
Member of the International Association of Counselors and TherapistsInternational Association of Counselors and Therapists
Member of The Society of Shamanic Practitioners
The Society of Shamanic Practitioners
The Yellow Courtyard Collaborative HealthcareHealing Staff, The Yellow Courtyard Collaborative Healthcare.
Contributing Editor, 
		Holographic Repatterning Assoc.Contributing Editor, Holographic Repatterning Assoc., Trade Publication.
The Resonance Repatterning ® AssociationThe Resonance Repatterning ® Association
Cintas fellowshipCintas Fellow


Fluency in English, Spanish and FrenchSusana Sorí is fluent in English, Spanish and Spoken French.

Professional Offerings

Healing the Light Body

Certified Shamanic arts practioner, Inca traditionCertified shamanic arts practitioner in the Q’ero healing tradition from the High Andes of Peru
Luminous Energy Medicine HealingLuminous Healing & Energy Medicine processes/techniques both from the East and the Americas
Removing Energetic blocks and traumaDetection and shift of energetic blocks and past traumatic experiences
Chakra BalancingChakra Clearing and Chakra Balancing
Destiny and Soul RetrievalDestiny and soul retrieval
DivinationDivination and spiritual guidance

Training and Support for the Dying and their Loved Ones

Certified in teaching Dying Consciously: The Greatest JourneyCertified teacher and practitioner of the healing and transformational steps to prepare for our Greatest Journey and for Dying Consciously. For more information and trainings available,
call Susana at 305-866-9396, email at To Reach Susana  

Resonance Repatterning ®

Holographic and Resonance RepatteringCertified Practitioner of Holographic Repatterning ® and Resonance Repatterning ® Systems
Holographic Repatterning practiceFulltime Holographic Repatterning® practice in person, phone and by proxy
Resolution of life-depleting energeticsDetection, resolution and shift of life depleting resonances and issues

Movement and Breath Work

Clearing body mechanics and energy distribution wth Hatha YogaClearing energetic blockages using Hatha Yoga posture and Breath Work
Hatha Yoga Postural HealingHatha Yoga Postural Healing for Energetic Disorders
The Alexander TechinqueFamiliarity with Alexander Technique
Iyengar and Anasura YogaTrained in Iyengar and Anusara yoga methods

Spiritual Awakening Support

Direct Teaching of YogaDirect knowledge under Spiritual Masters since 1973
Meditation Center LeaderCertified Meditation Center Leader since 1977
Spiritual coachCertified Spiritual Coach and Spiritual Life Coaching

Conflict Resolution

conflict resolutionPersonality conflict resolution
Communication and Goal RealignmentCommunication and Goal Realignment

Management, Leadership and Career Coaching

Mangement ConsultingLife Coaching for Management, Consulting and Coaching for Groups, Corporate Teams
Leadership trainingLeadership Training
Conflict mediationConflict Mediation
Employer and Emplyee relationsEmployee and Employer Relations
Goal settingTask Resolution, Performance and Goal Setting

Creative and Artistic Coaching and Support

Life coaching for the visual artsProfessional Life Coaching for the Visual Arts
Life Coaching for Writers and MusiciansLife Coaching for Writers and Musicians
Coaching for the performing artsSuccessfully addressing writer's blocks and creative re-connection

Energy Healing, Support and Life Coaching for the Performing Arts

Life Coaching for the Performing ArtsProfessional Life Coaching and energy healing for actors and performing musicians
Optimizing performanceOptimizing Performance, stage presence and delivery
Coaching for the performing artsCoaching and Energy Healing for performers in theater, television and movies


Additional Offerings

Spirit Unleashed™ - In support of your great life!

Founded by Susana Sori and Roman Oleh Yaworsky to bring you courses, books, CDs and products that support your personal growth and transformation. Spirit Unleashed™ is a unique curriculum of ongoing courses for your continuing spiritual education, as well as the 'Dying Consciously: The Greatest Journey' two-day course. We have offered courses in Miami, Tallahassee, Chicago and New York. Most of our workshops also offer continuing education credits (CE and CEUs) for the health and healing professions  

Healing and Energy Medicine Session with Susana Sori Please email us if you would like to receive further news of our future events and workshops.

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The Yellow Courtyard - Inclusionary Health Care

The Yellow Courtyard is a new kind of health care network dedicated to your total health. This is an integrated community of doctors and healing practitioners of which Susana Sori is a part. "Inclusionary" means the ability to examine and choose from many healing possibilities available in order to best fit your customized treatment strategy.

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Don't miss the opportunity to shift out of your old life-depleting patterns and move on to your great new life. Experience this healing method as effectively practiced with the lightheartedness and shamanic understanding that Susana Sorí brings

In person Energy Medicine and Life Coaching sessions serving Miami, Miami Beach, Fort Lauderdale and South Florida. Sessions by phone supporting clients locally and internationally.  

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