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How does Participation by Proxy Work?

Susana has been supporting personal transformation for many years to a varied international clientele in the North, Central and South Americas, Europe, Africa, Australia and China. The individual and group sessions are offered from a distance by phone and by proxy.

World Peace Project

As a response to the events of September 11, 2001, and their effect on everyone's energetic field, Susana Sori initiated and offered a free Global Group Healing Session to everyone that sought to participate. The immediate response was overwhelming and came from all corners of the world...within 36 hours, a group of more than five hundred people registered for this free Global Transformational session. The results from those who contacted Susana were dramatic. Since then, a number of Holographic Repatterning® practitioners have joined in the effort to continue the World Peace Project through the Holographic Repatterning® Association. Susana Sori has offered several free Global Group Healing Sessions to date, as world events have unfolded. If you would like to participate in the next free Global Session that Susana offers, please inform her via e-mail.

Individual Sessions are offered worldwide

Release non-coherent resonances, move forward and manifest your intentions. Individual sessions may be done either in-person, by phone or by proxy. Call me for your sessions without any long distance charges from anywhere in the world!. Download Skype into your computer or PDA - My Skype is name: susana.sori Please email me for a phone appointment before you call via Skype. Should you have any questions or concerns about having a session, please do not hesitate to email me. Thank you. For Individual session fees, click here.

Group Sessions

Susana Sori offers motivational and transformational support to clients world wide via individual, couple and group person, by phone and by proxy.

Group Healing sessions “by proxy,”

Group Healing sessions “by proxy,” also called Long Distance or Remote Healing, are interactive sessions, by e-mail communications and website interactions. You do NOT have to be present in person or by phone anywhere at anytime.

This energetic process happens as you move through your daily life without interruptions to your schedule. There will be times when you are asked to do some simple tasks as a result of a session, go online to fill questionnaires, etc. All these happen at your chosen and best time.

"I began facilitating long distance, group healing work many years ago and people began having incredible results!"

A series of sessions on a topic allows healing to occur much deeper, layer-by-layer, and allows the client to move further into well-being in a very powerful way and at a reasonable cost.

Group Transformational Programs are offered in various locations, in-person or by proxy, throughout the year. If you are not in the location where the group program is being held, there may be an opportunity for you to take the workshop as a long distance or by proxy participant. As a proxy participant, you will receive a detailed report of the transformational session you registered for and be able to review all the issues shifted and the new positive resonances now held in your system as a result of the transformational session.

Group Transformational Programs range from being a single-session event to being a series of 5-sessions minimum. Costs depends on how many sessions are being offered in the specific series.

All upcoming Group Healing Programs are announced by email notification. Notify me by email, please.

Susana offers Group Online Programs and Group In-Person Workshops on varied topics for self-growth and empowerment.

The following Programs and Workshops are offered during the year:

Continuing education credit courses  and Continuing education units, CE and CEUContinuing Education: SpiritUnleashed™ Courses!

Surviving changeSurviving Change™ - Series 1, 2 & 3

Energy Awareness and Protection, copyright 2005, Susana SoriEnergy Awareness and Protection

Succeeding in Turbulent Times, copyright 2007, Susana SoriSucceeding in Turbulent Times©

What is Holding Me Back, copyright 2007, by Susana SoriWhat is Holding Me Back?©

Healing the Family Connection, copyright 2007, Susana SoriHealing the Family Connections©

The Golden Vessel, copyright 2000 by Susana SoriThe Golden Vessel© (trusting Self)

The Golden Dragon, copyright 2000 by Susana SoriThe Golden Dragon© (empowering Self)

Shape Up Power Up!, copyright 2003 by Susana SoriShape Up! Power Up!© - Series 1 & 2

On Death and DyingOn Death & Dying


Information on individual and group energy healing sessionsFor more information on the next 5 session group sessions by proxy



Don't miss the opportunity to shift out of your old life-depleting patterns and move on to your great new life. Experience this healing method as effectively practiced with the lightheartedness and shamanic understanding that Susana Sorí brings

In person Energy Medicine and Life Coaching sessions serving Miami, Miami Beach, Fort Lauderdale and South Florida. Sessions by phone supporting clients locally and internationally.  

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