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Healing energy work with Susana SoriWhat is the work Susana offers you?

Human energy systemHow do we get stuck?

Your energy healing issuesHow does the session develop?

Your energetic healing systemWho directs the session?

Length of energy healing sessionHow long does a session last?

Length of an energy medicine healing sessionWhat happens after the session?

Remote energy medicine healingCan you do a session without the person being present?

Remote energy healing and remote healingWhat is a Session 'by Proxy'?

The different type of remote energy medicine healingAre there different types of sessions ‘by proxy’?

Deciding on the number of energy medicine healing sessionsHow many sessions will I need?

Choosing your path of energy healingGive me a greater understanding about how many sessions I should choose to have.

A special note to help you prepare for energy healingA special note


The energy healing work and healing modalities offered by Susana SoriWhat is the work Susana offers you?

Scientific research has proven that matter and energy are interchangeable and that all matter pulsates at different rates of frequencies. Our thoughts, feelings, organs and tissues all vibrate at their own unique frequency. When these frequencies are non-coherent or out of phase, we may find ourselves unconsciously resonating with poor health, unhappy relationships, failure, low confidence, depression and other life-depleting responses.

Through the work Susana offers, you can finally release all non-coherent patterns, attitudes, beliefs, past experiences and energy constrictions that have been holding you back from your goals, dreams, successes, great relationships, happiness, self-confidence and joy. Through this process for positive change, you can identify and transform the unconscious patterns that underlie pain, sickness, unworkable relationships, career issues ands other life issues. We then move back into alignment and coherence with what is truly our highest nature and thus attract what is beneficial into our life..

 The process by which our energy system gets stuckHow we get stuck?

Conflicts in consciousness create conflicts in our energy systems and then in our bodies. These manifest as limiting beliefs, non-coherent and negative attitudes, patterns, behaviors, as energy constrictions, etc. We must resolve the underlying conflict energetically in order to resolve the problem at hand, whatever form it may have taken.

The dynamics of energy medicine healingWho directs the session?

It is the client's system that is the directing and leading force during the session. By checking the client's energetic system (through the science of Applied Kinesiology) the practitioner navigates it to find what is going on and what needs to be done in order for the client to easily move towards optimal physical, emotional, mental and spiritual growth and wellbeing. The system's check connects to that place, beyond the logical mind. This energetic place KNOWS, and can rapidly communicate, the exact root of the problem, how to resolve it and also render the best possible healing modality to completely transform it. You can be certain that your energetic system is always ready to kindly give us this information, as it always wants to rest in a state of wholeness, health and well being. This practitioner recognizes that clients are unique individuals and will have individual causes for their issues and problems. Two clients presenting the same issue may have very different causes and may require very different healing approaches. In all cases presented, this effective process is a real adventure, and a relief to finally discover those underground, unconscious patterns, limiting beliefs or attitudes, and even negative generational patterns that we may have inherited.

The length of time required to show results from energy medicine sessionsHow does a session develop?

Most people come to a session with an issue or an intention…physical, emotional, mental or spiritual. This issue or intention is our focus of the session. During the session we uncover and release the unconscious connections that are keeping this issue alive and strong in your life. Also, we may uncover and release why your goal or intention has absolutely no power to be presently fulfilled in your life. Either way, together we will shift your energetic field and thus you will be out of phase with what is non-beneficial to your life and in-phase with what is positive and life enhancing. Working on ourselves is like pealing an onion. We transform a layer at a time. If an issue is a long standing difficulty or problem in your life, it may have a number of unconscious connections, to different aspects of your life. In a session we may be working on one or more of these layers. Each session is an opportunity to transform layers holding you in limitation.

Energy medicine healing session length and effectivenessHow long does a session last?

The individual session last as long as the client needs to completely release that particular layer pertaining to the issue. I find few of my sessions last as little as 45 minutes and as much as 2 hours. The average time for a repeat session with me is approximately 1 hour to 1:15 hours long. First-time sessions may last up to 1:45 hour long. If it is your very first session I like to go slowly while explaining the process to you. This has great benefits as it helps you understand what has happened in your life, and how it happened, so you may be aware of how to prevent it in the future. Couple, partner and family sessions may last the average of 2 hours, depending on the issues to be resolved. Normal time for an in-person group session may last up to 3 hours.

Energy healing followupWhat happens after the session?

Some clients experience an immediate release and leave the session feeling lighter somehow. Some clients see the results of the session by the new way they are thinking, feeling and acting. Some clients see marked change in the behavior of others toward them and the way life is responding to them. Each person, whether in a subtle or obvious manner, will feel the results in their own unique way. After a session we begin to have choices in areas that may have been constricted or negatively set previous to the session. We begin to respond in new life-enhancing ways. As we do this, we develop new habits, which can become automatic, as we deepen the new groove through repetitive action.

The effectiveness of energy healing at a distanceCan you do a session without the person being present?

Because the process I offer works on the principles of Quantum physics, that is, on the energetic level, it can be done from a distance -- individually, in couple and in groups, according to the client's preferences and needs. Whether doing a session in-person or from a distance, this process is non-intrusive, effortless, safe and produces dramatic results. If you want to know the 'how' I can access your system long distance for healing and transformation, you may want to read, The Non-Local Universe, by Robert Nadeau and Menas Kafatos

Different kinds of healing at a distanceWhat is a Session by Proxy?

Because clients may choose a practitioner that is far from their home/state/country, or, they may chose not to be present in the session due to time constraints, a session may be done 'by proxy.' A 'proxy' session, or session by 'proxy', is a session that may occur in one of two ways: (1) You and the practitioner are not in the same location; (2) You allow the practitioner to do a session without your involvement in-person or by phone. In the second type of proxy session, the practitioner actually muscle tests the client's energetic system from a distance while the client goes about his/her daily routine. Proxy sessions are not only practical, but are very powerful as well.

When sessions are done for you on your behalf, they are being done "by proxy” also called ‘remote sessions’ or ‘long-distance sessions’.

If you were to have an Resonance Repatterning® session in person, your resonance with each of the statements in the session would be checked directly on you using a version of applied kinesiology to determine whether the statement and your energy field resonated - or agreed or disagreed with one another. In most cases, this would be indicated by your arm remaining strong or becoming weak as the arm is most often used for checking your energetic field and determining resonance, although any muscle in the body would work.

Since these sessions are done on your behalf, when you are not physically present and your arm isn't available, the practitioner uses a different form of applied kinesiology which is a proxy for you and your arm. The intention of this alternate form is to serve as an antenna that connects with your energetic field. Usually, this ‘antenna’ is a form involving the fingers of one or both hands of the practitioner. In some in some individual cases, but mostly in group sessions, it could also be that another person may serve as the ‘proxy’ - your stand-in, or the stand-in for everyone in a particular group.

Other names used for this type of long distance work are: remote healing, long distance healing, healing by proxy. Proxy sessions can be done for an individual, a couple, a family or a group.

Sessions by proxy and sessions at a distance through the phoneAre there different types of sessions ‘by proxy’?

Yes. If you are not in the same location as the practitioner, there are two basic ways by which you could receive your healing session: One is what I call "in-absence-proxy" and the other "proxy-by-phone."

In a "proxy-in-absence" session, the client informs the practitioner, ahead of the session, what is the issue/problem to be transformed or the positive intention that they want to be in resonance with or energetically support. The practitioner does the session, by him/herself, connecting long distance to the client's energetic system and upon completion of the session, report to the client its results. This option is mostly used by people who may not have the time to be on the phone for the complete session.

In a "proxy-by-phone" sessions, the client and the practitioner are connected via phone during the session, working in partnership, allowing the client firsthand experience of what arises during the session. Both types of sessions are 'proxy' sessions because the practitioner actually proxies the clients energetic system...all healing and transformation happen in the absence of a face-to-face meeting.

The effect of grouping a series of healing sessionsHow many sessions will I need?

There are NO required amounts of sessions. How many sessions you require depend on where you are at with the issue at hand, at what speed the sessions are moving you through and how comfortable you are with the shifts you have made. Most clients can't get enough once they discover they are shifting! We work once per week, every two weeks, or per month, until they feel they have shifted the issue, or until they shift a group of issues. Many clients return for monthly visits in order to keep their system clear of non-coherent resonances.

Others come to me and with one session they are able to transform the issue at hand. Although this is the exception and not the rule, it may be so because they had previously done work on that issue and a last layer was all that was needed to shift in order to fully release it. Or, they may feel comfortable with that level of shift, even thought more work may benefit them.

Others feel comfortable with only one session. For example, I had a man who wanted to give up cigarettes. We did one session and I did not hear from him for 3 months. He then wrote that he had given up the cigarettes and thanked me. He did not continue with other sessions as he had achieved what he wanted, and did not want to shift in any other areas of his life. Know that each session is complete in itself. Each session shifts a layer of your issue or more. I do not tell my clients they need X amount of sessions. I prefer to go a session at a time and see what shifts happen and if more sessions are needed, or wanted by the client. How many sessions you may need is a decision made only by you, depending on the progress you feel and experience.

Advice to help you choose the number of healing sessionsGive me a greater understanding about how many sessions I should choose to have.

People often come to a session with a particular problem or issue they want to shift. Experience has shown me that full shifts happen when the client does a series of sessions diving deeply into its roots, yet we may know after the first two sessions what your system needs to make a complete shift. Even if you are successfully making shifts with only two sessions, you may want to consider the possibility of attaining a greater life-enhancement intention than just solving one problem. If you have experienced beneficial change with this process, as practiced by this practitioner, then, why not get rid of all underlying causes of a chronic disease, or resolve all the issues you may have about relationships, addictions, lack of self-esteem, creativity or prosperity? Or, why not take advantage and get yourself to positively resonate with great intentions, wishes and desires that you may hold about your life, career and relationships?

When you look at an issue in your life, layers of deep conditioning are more than likely hidden in your energetic field and are acting as an underground disturbance to being in the present moment with clarity and joy. Various sessions may be needed to move through the non-coherent layers existing underground.

There is a specific series of individual sessions meant to deeply work on an issue or intention, to release what you no longer need and support your shift into a renewed life!

It is important to consider both the experience of the healer, the quality of the treatment and the willingness and openess of the clientA special note:

Please note that the effects of any healing system or modality depend on the skills and experience of the practitioner as well as the intention of the client. First, always choose a practitioner that has had years of experience and is certified by the board or healing association they represent. Second, from that list, choose a practitioner that 'feels' right for you, that you feel you can trust and with whom you can feel relaxed. In t his way, you have already made a great step towards your healing.



Don't miss the opportunity to shift out of your old life-depleting patterns and move on to your great new life. Experience this healing method as effectively practiced with the lightheartedness and shamanic understanding that Susana Sorí brings

In person Energy Medicine and Life Coaching sessions serving Miami, Miami Beach, Fort Lauderdale and South Florida. Sessions by phone supporting clients locally and internationally.  

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