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Susana Sori : Shamanic Healing and Energy Medicine in Miami. Image copyright 2011 by Susana Sori.

Shamanic Healing
& Energy Medicine

Healing the Energy Body

The shamanic healing and energy medicine services, outlined below, are offered in-person and or by phone or by proxy.

Soul Retrieval

This is truly a beautiful art: that of recovering the essential self that has been lost as a result of stress, pain or trauma. From these types of discordant experiences. some of the soul energies are fragmented, dispersed or denied. Stepping outside of ordinary time on the client’s behalf, the practitioner journeys into the subtle realms that hold those separations, the domain of the client’s shadow, to find the outdated promises and old soul contracts which are still binding them. Healing the wounds from the past that derailed their destiny, the shamanic practitioner brings their client's core spirit energy back into the present so that it is available to them and they may live in wholeness once again.


The shamanic process of Illumination clears the energetic imprints of karma and disharmony that often result in disease and bring about healing at the blueprint level of our being - at the chakras, energetic pathways and luminous energy field. Illumination can relieve or undo some of the damage caused by stress, resulting in a direct clearing, realigning and re-energizing of the chakras and the luminous body. At the time of an Illumination, detection and removal of foreign disharmonious resonances may also occur, which may appear as energetic cords or connections with non-resonant relationships.

Divination & Destiny Retrieval

This is the art of recognizing and helping the client align with their destiny, and to clarify and shift situations, blocks and possibilities. These are very powerful and subtle approaches that can reveal the underlying issues in ways other techniques can miss.

Dense Energy Removal & Extraction of Negative Influences

We often hold the negative experiences and the results of unfortunate encounters with others in our bodies. Fear, envy and anger, and sometimes intrusive energies or entities, can penetrate or be imposed on our luminous energy field. Often, that holding can be experienced in the way that it interferes with our well-being, both emotionally and physically. The held energetics can be a result of stress or it can be the cause as well. The shamanic process of extraction can remove deep-rooted, acute or chronic non-coherent energies - the stressing element - at a deep level, returning the person closer to health and equilibrium.

Rites of Passages & Traditional Ceremonies

The shamanic arts also include profound and beautiful ceremonies that support our growth and transformation at various times in our lives. Such ceremonies consists of initiations or spiritual activations, Despachos, or prayer bundles offered for various types of events, sacred fire ceremonies, and other ceremonious gatherings specifically designed for clearing or removing intense negative energies from the personal and world field.

The Final Rites of Passage: Support for our Final Journey

To assist a person to free themselves and completely disengage from the body’s field. Assistance is offered in the weeks before death, at the moment of death and the weeks after death. Assistance to the dying person’s loved ones to actively and lovingly support this important process of final transition.

Additional Support:

Spiritual Awakening Support

Direct and knowledgeable support of spiritual awakening issues. Additional support through Hatha Yoga, Breath Work, Meditation and Spiritual Coaching.

Decoupling ‘flight/fight’ or hyper-alert states

Release of long held habitual, emotional reactions, chakra balancing, polarity balancing and grounding.

Tracking the physical and psychological stories that hold you back

Revelation of wounds which may have manifested as physical or emotional issues. Dream work, guided imagery and shamanic journeying.

Movement and Breath Work

Energetic blockages can be cleared using Hatha Yoga postures, breath work, centering and awareness techniques. These can be initiated with the client, and instruction given to support positive shift.


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