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Susana Sori, Resonance Repatterning (R), Holographic Repattering and clearing of non-coherent patterns. Image copyright 2011 by Roman Oleh Yaworsky

Resonance Repatterning®

The Release of Non-Coherent Patterns

Also known as Holographic Repatterning®, this system is a very effective process that makes it possible for us to create positive change in any area of our life where we experience limitation.

When this process is facilitated by an experienced practitioner, you can finally release all non-coherent patterns, attitudes, beliefs, past experiences and energy constrictions that have been holding you back from your goals, dreams, successes, great relationships, happiness, self-confidence and joy.

"In my opinion, one session of Resonance Repatterning is equivalent of one year of psychotherapy."

       - P. G., Psychotherapist

Through a process of applied kinesiology and an intricate and unique diagnostic system, the nature of our blocks and where they tend to be held in our system is revealed. Once the issues are identified, positive change is facilitated through a shift in the way we hold and release these impressions.

This system has clear advantages over many other interventions, because does engage blame or seek fault that may cloud the opportunity for healing.

"Changes have occurred in my clients that nothing could have produced except Resonance Repatterning."

            - D. R., Chiropractor

For couples, it can significantly help in improving communication and openness. It supports the release of the non coherent patterns that block the optimal dynamics of a relationship.

It is equally effective for groups and organizations, which can begin to hold tendencies and bad habits in similar ways to individuals. The Resonance Repatterning® system is very useful in both identifying these patterns and as a tool for their release. By not focusing on blame or what went wrong, it more effectively focuses on what needs to be shifted to make things right.

This system can significantly help in improving the dynamics of group relations and their productivity. It is non invasive, does not require background information or interviews, and for all practical purposes begins to show positive results in the first meeting

Most clients, both individuals, couples or groups, experience a release of issues that have been holding them back, with dramatic progress, even from one session.

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Please understand that at the beginning of a session, I check the client's energetic system for resonance to the specific method or healing protocol to follow for the issue presented in that particular session. In this way, the inner wisdom of the client's higher system is acknowledged and honored for healing to evolve. Resonance Repatterning ® is a very useful healing system and diagnostic tool for where your energetics are held.

Resonance Repatterning ® complements other methods that I use extensively, which include:

Eastern shamanic healing, yoga, medtation and spriitual supportEastern Shamanic Healing, including yoga, meditation and spiritual awakening support

Movement and breath workMovement and breath work

Energy MedicineEnergy Medicine

Western and native shamanismWestern Shamanic Healing from the traditions of the Americas

Some Areas of Healing available with the Resonance Repatterning ® System

There are various areas of our life which may be transformed with Resonance Repatterning® quite successfully:

The energetics of relationshipShifting the Energetics of Relationships

Unconsious patterns and repressed neagative experiencesTransforming Unconscious Patterns

Chakras, meridian and MU pointsChakra Patterns, and Meridian Patterns

Self empowerment, self acceptance and self imageSelf Empowerment, Self Acceptance and Self Image

Wave form optimizing and constriction releaseWave Form Optimizing & Energy Constriction Release

Repatterning the dynamics of visonRepatterning our Vision of Ourselves and our Life  

Each of the above areas have multiple and specific Repatterning processes to create coherence.
I have listed the most popular processes below:

Beliefs Repatterning . Negative Thoughts . Parental Relationship . Birth . Early Experience . Bonding and Separation . Meridian and Five Elements . Mu Point . Memory Imprint . Inner Light . Endorphin Stress . Masculine/Feminine . Life Cycle .  Abundance . Commitment . Decision Making . Inner Relationship . Intention . Clearing Communications

More on the Resonance Repatterning ® System

The Resonance Repatterning® System is an extraordinary step-by-step process for healing

It enables us to identify and transform the unconscious patterns that underlie our pain, sickness, unworkable relationships, career issues ands other life problems.

Scientific research has proven that matter and energy are interchangeable and that all matter pulsates at different rates of frequencies. Our thoughts, feelings organs and tissues all vibrate at their own unique frequency. When these frequencies are non-coherent or out of phase, we may find ourselves unconsciously resonating with poor health, unhappy relationships, failure, low confidence, depression and other life-depleting responses.

Based on the principle of resonance, this system facilitates a shift in our frequency wave patterns so that we are able to resonate and energetically support that which is energizing, coherent and life-giving.

The Resonance Repatterning ® System as a vehicle of healing has drawn much attention worldwide.

It identifies, transforms, and releases the unconscious patterns and energy constrictions that underlie problems and issues in our life. Through this system, we are able to identify how our problems provide us with an opportunity to move to a higher level of coherence, order and awareness. Ultimately, all positive change involves moving to higher states of coherence within ourselves. Problems simply let us know that we have areas of non-coherence that need to be identified and transformed.

This profound system is based on a foundation of principles from new physics and psychology recognized by Einstein, Dr. Hans Jenny, David Bohm, and others, as well as, based on ancient knowledge of the Chakra system of India and the Five Element-Meridian system of China.

The Resonance Repatterning ® System entails a series of simple, practical steps that will shift our frequencies from life depleting to life enhancing.

The Resonance Repatterning® System is the means by which we effectively and lovingly identify what the body/mind system needs in order to make a Quantum leap to a higher energy state. We experience higher energy states manifesting as health, mutually beneficial communications, empowered relationships, integrity, success in business and increased creativity in our career and in our life.

This process for positive change identifies and transforms non-coherent states our body/mind system may be supporting, as well as coherent states the system may not be supporting. Only by moving into phase with what is coherent and beneficial for us, can we move into a higher level of harmony, order and awareness within ourselves and in our life and positive outcomes, on one level or another, are automatically experienced.



Don't miss the opportunity to shift out of your old life-depleting patterns and move on to your great new life. Experience this healing method as effectively practiced with the lightheartedness and shamanic understanding that Susana Sorí brings.

In person Energy Medicine, Resonance Repatterning ® and Life Coaching sessions serving Miami, Miami Beach, Fort Lauderdale and South Florida. Sessions by phone supporting clients locally and internationally.  

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