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A New Beginning: Quantum Leaping 2019

Energy Healing at a Distance - 5-Sessions for Healing and Transformation
with Susana Sorí


World events and political changes have a profound effect on our outlook and vision of the future. But we do not  have to be bound by these outward changes. Quantum Leaping supports our own transformations and inner positive shifts, and takes advantage of outer challenges as energy to move us forward on the inside.

Who can benifit from Quantum LeapingWho can benefit from these sessions?

The benefits of shifting directions through energy healing at a distance What benefits does this new direction bring?

An invitation for a proxy group energy healing sessionAn invitation for you

program details and costProgram details & cost

Registration informationRegistration information


Take a quantum leap in relationships.

We have been transforming our inner resonance towards healthier outer relationships through monthly sessions since January. Whether you participated in one or many, you have shifted what you needed in order to arrive at this moment.

It is NOW time to move to the next level. It is NOW time to connect with that part in us that is always alive. It is time to begin manifesting it. It matters little if you are presently in an intimate relationship or not. What matters is your relationship with that part of you that is truly you! That 'True You' is the one to whom others are attracted, and that 'True YOU' is Authentic Passion and Unadulterated Joy.

Aligned to the 'True YOU', move in grace and freedom!

So ... Let's take a sharp turn on the road and align ourselves to the authenticity that is within and begin to manifest it without. Remember, the only true relationship is the one with our own self. That perfect relationship is that which attracts all others!

Benefiting from group proxy sessionsWho can benefit from these sessions?

You can benefit from this upcoming transformational session if you are presently in a personal relationship, are part of a team or have a professional partner at work. • You can also benefit if you are not in a personal relationship yet you want to learn to tune into and respect your own feelings and needs, becoming more aligned to your core and to be in greater relationship with your own Self and your world. • Everyone can benefit from these sessions

Re-energizing through Hologrphic and Resonance Repatterning SessionsWhat benefits does this new direction bring?

Re-energizing or re-tuning yourself towards 'True YOU' will support you in resolving present and past relationship issues, catapulting you to take courageous steps towards completion or appropriate expression of your own needs and feelings. • You will re-learn how to be centered, light a.nd grounded in your core and able to be who you are in the midst of all situations. • We will be focusing on opening a new portal in our ability to be who we truly are and relate to our world with the unstoppable confidence and light. • Aligned with 'True YOU' you will be passionately creative, inventive and able to easily surpass difficulties others around you may be experiencing.

An invitation to participate in a group Holographic and Resonance RepatteringAn invitation to participate

You are invited to join the next level of transformation:
A New Beginning, Taking a Quantum Leap in Energy!

Through proven long distance or remote energetic healing methods, You will re-energize and re-tune towards your 'True YOU' And begin to manifest a new resonant vibration that Will radiate waves of attraction to people and situations beneficial to you. And, from your mind and heart, you will lift the minds and hearts of others.

Details about the energy healing at a distance workshopProgram Details

 This process of long-distance energetic transformation will be offered by me, Susana Sori. I am experienced in and have been offering group sessions worldwide via remote healing for more than 10 years.

The processes I will utilize are based on, but not limited to, Resonance Repatterning, as I will also bring forth my expertise in the yogic and shamanic processes of energetic healing.

A few days before each session, each participant may receive questions and suggestions on how best to prepare for the upcoming session topic. During the session, each participant in the group will receive healing attention, as per required by his/her energetic system. Once the session has been completed, each participant will be emailed a written report of how the session developed and what new positive resonances have been included in their energetic field.

Further information for energy healing at a distanceFor further information about 'by proxy' group sessions

Why a series of energy medicine sessions is more effective for healingWhy a series of sessions?

Global programs for healingAbout global offerings   

Dates for Energy Healing SessionsSession Dates

There will be five transformational sessions in this program:

Session #1: Grounding Spirit in our Being, New Moon

Session #2: Spirit Connects to Feelings, Emotions and Actions, Full Moon

Session #3: Spirit Experiences Expansion, Passion and the Heart, New Moon

Session #4:Spirit learns the Power of Softness and the Will to Express, Full Moon

Session #5: Conscious Awareness and Reacceptance of our Fearless Spirit,  New Moon

Cost of 5 session proxy healing workshopCost:

You may sign up for all five sessions for $250 US ($50 each), or you may sign up for a session at a time at $55 each. The topics for each upcoming session will be publicized at least week before the session begins.

 Extended supportCaveat:

Those of you who sign up for the complete 5-session program, will receive unlimited support via email, and have 20 minutes of phone support if and when needed within the program duration.

Registration information for the 5 week energy healing at a distance workshopRegistration

5-Session Program:

Simply email quantum leaping 2012: energy healing at a indicating your interest to join the complete program.

Single Session: If you would like to participate in some but not all sessions, at the cost of $55 each, please email before each single session.

Payment: I will send you a Pay Pal invoice for $250 for the entire series, or for $55 for each single session you choose. If you have already participated in sessions with me, you may send payment by personal check.

For imformation and registratio for the 9 Rights of Spiritual InitaitionFor more information and registration: contact HR Shaman

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We have developed monthly gatherings and courses in order to support spiritual learning and maintain growth, transformation and centeredness from breath to breath.

Information on CE (Continuing Education) hours and CEU's is included with the course descriptions

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Don't miss the opportunity to shift out of your old life-depleting patterns and move on to your great new life. Experience this healing method as effectively practiced with the lightheartedness and shamanic understanding that Susana Sorí brings

In person Energy Medicine Shamanic Healing and Life Coaching sessions serving Miami, Miami Beach, Fort Lauderdale and South Florida. Sessions by phone supporting clients locally and internationally.  

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