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Individual energy medicine and healing sessionsFirst Session

Individual energy healing sessionsIndividual Sessions

Sharings from individual series of proxy or long distance healing programsIndividual Series, '5 Steps to Manifestation'

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I am an experienced psychiatrist with 40 years of very full-time practice behind me. During my training we were encouraged to undergo psychoanalysis which I did faithfully for 15 years, four times a week. Over the last 10 years family problems have caused me to seek out supportive psychological help with various therapists with substantial degrees.

Despite all this "treatment," it wasn't until I found Susana Sori that I really began to change. Her insights, knowledge, and warmth have helped me grow. I never even realized before the dimensions in my life that were missing until she began enlightening me. I began to understand that the challenges I was facing were there so that I could change and grow.

Her energy work is astounding. I have never met Susana face to face (we do our work over the telephone), but I feel that she is one of the closest people in my life. She understands me and my issues immediately and always has a new path to help me. As a psychiatrists, I have prescribed medication and traditional psychoanalytic and supportive psychotherapy to thousands of patients. What Susana does is a higher elevation of my traditional work.

I heartily recommend her to all souls in trouble or those who want to enlighten themselves.

Leslie Seiden, M.D., New York, NY

Feedback from energy medicine and healing sessionsSharings resulting from First Session with Susana Sorí

I wanted to let you know that the first impression I had, once left the session with you, was an increased sense of my inner intuition about even the simplest things. For example: on my way back home from your place, instead of checking on the map or trying to remember with my mind my way back (as I would have done in the past, fearing to get lost) I followed my intuition, as if some "higher" power inside me was driving me. I can count many other examples like this! Thanks!

A. from Miami, Florida

Since my session with you, which gave me great awareness and clarity on my life at this time, people around me immediately began behaving differently. One quality that stands out, is that people I've known for a while, all of a sudden have really trusted me about their intimate thoughts and emotions. Phone session client After our session, when I returned to work, one of my co-workers jokingly asked me if I had been smoking pot in the park. When I asked why she asked me that she said, 'Because you seem so happy.' The session apparently had quite an effect on me.

J. C., Boston, MA

Individual energy healing sessions with Susana SoriSharings resulting from Individual Sessions with Susana Sorí

Thank you for assisting me to fulfill my dream. I really can feel the shift going on inside and just more and more opportunities seem to be presenting themselves.
S.L., Boston South Shore, MA

My session with Susana was an experience with my true self. A lot of emotions that I carried deep inside were released and channeled properly to allow growth and regain confidence. She made me feel at home with myself since the very beginning and helped me see and confront what was stopping me to be in peace and grateful. She gives you a new beginning built upon your own strength.

J.M.V., Miami FL

I am awed by the scope of the work you did. I am still assimilating it, contemplating it and definitely feeling as though I have "walked through the door" on many issues. Thank you!

R.C., California

Susana, thank you for all the help, guidance, advice and positive healing energy. You have made such a difference in my life. I am very grateful. A., Georgia Your sessions have worked wonders on my husband. He is a new man. He is exercising almost everyday and can communicate better with our son. It is truly amazing...just thought you would like to know!

A. B., Boston, MA

I have noticed a steady lightness in my emotional state so I know that changes are happening even though I may not notice them right away!

M. F., Miami, FL

I have always found your sessions amazing, yet I now am beginning to understand why I have felt the process so much more deeply lately...You get to the root of core problems and your sessions are so powerful but in an almost gentle way...I just want to say thank you. I love "Susana style". I think that must be it, you put your whole being into it! T. O., New England Area Thank you so much for helping me mend my broken heart!

S. K., Chicago, IL

Although I had my career in mind when signing up for the session, the result has been that my whole life has shifted. No small change, either...from nothing, to more opportunities that I can handle! Yes, it is a good thing! Miami client of a long distance session by proxy. I just want to thank you for your healing work. I made it through my re-training so much easier than in past years! I have noticed such a change in myself since our sessions.

Client from Boston South Shore, MA

The 5 steps to Manifestation Series of Energy HealingSharings resulting from the '5 Steps to Manifestation' Series

Susana, thank you for being the facilitator of my betterment and wellbeing. I love you as a person, as a healer and as a spirit. With your help, and with each person that heals in your presence, the world is becoming a better place. May the Spirit of The Universe always fill your heart with love and joy.

J., Hollywood, FL

The experiences of couples and parters with energy medicine and healingSharings resulting from Couples or Partners Sessions

After our couple session, I somehow see my wife more clearly and thus more lovingly. I am looking forward to more experiences of this kind. Thank you!

 B.N., Houston, TX

I have been busy this past week and certainly did not have the session on my mind, yet, I found myself feeling grateful on several occasions. And, although I had to do some 'fearful' things, like speak my truth to my partner and express my feelings more, I felt I was supported and I could do them! The result has been that our love life has expanded and I feel much closer to my wife on many levels. We want to let you know that we appreciate all the wisdom, energy and love you gave us.

R.B., New York City

A huge 'thank you' for providing such a safe, nurturing and supportive environment. It has been an amazing experience!

Couple in Massachusetts

Group energy healing sessions by proxy and long distanceSharings from Group Sessions 'by proxy', or 'Long Distance'

As my session with Susana, was done by proxy, I had no expectations I just knew that I was drawn to Susana's proxy workshop. The connection by proxy was deep and profound although non-invasive, upon reading my session report I was able to validate my experience with the experience of others in my group - I have never felt so strongly connected to what I read in the report, at the moment I am still speechless or as we say 'god-smacked' by the strength of the connection. - My session has left me with a profound sense of inner peace and personal freedom, I am looking forward to working with Susana again by proxy. Much appreciated and much love,

K. L., Sydney, Australia

A raise I requested back in October has been approved, retroactive back to October; I accepted a job with more money and I am paying attention to savings/tax/retirement issues. I find it somewhat hard to believe that all these changes are really occurring during this workshop!

P. P., Boston, MA

Many of my old patterns cleared and I have begun to feel a sense of normality that I have not felt in years. I have chosen to walk the road to financial wealth. The moment I made this choice I was invited and paid to do the work I love. A great blessing! H. W., Lexington, MA This course is remarkable. I am feeling the effects as we move along. This course taps the root of my core issues."

J. K., Ft. Lauderdale, FL

The results of the series have been splendid. I experience a greater monthly income for half the work I did before.

B. C., Miami FL

I am continually grateful that early on in this course we organized and reviewed our finances. The big shift for me is that I no longer have FEAR or JUDGMENT around this. In fact, I now have absolute FAITH. Great job, Susana. This was definitely transformative and needed all the attention we gave it. Thank you for all the attention, skill, genius and love that you gave us - immense!

H., Boston, MA

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