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What is Participation 'by Proxy'?

How does Participation by Proxy Work?

What is the process?

What is the scientific basis behind participation by proxy?

How does participation in a group affect my shift?"

What happens after a session?

How do I prepare for a session?

What are Online Group Programs or Series?

Susana Sori offers motivational and transformational support to clients world wide via individual, couple and group person, by phone and by proxy. Group Repatterning sessions “by proxy,” also called Long Distance or Remote Healing, are interactive sessions, by e-mail communications and website interactions.

You do NOT have to be present in person or by phone anywhere at anytime. This process happens as you move through your daily life without interruptions to your schedule. There will be times when you are asked to do some simple tasks as a result of a session, go online to fill questionnaires, etc. All these happen at your chosen and best time.

How Does Participation by Proxy Work?

Scientific confirmation of mystic knowledge has shown us that particles of matter are linked across vast distances, responding to energetic impulses faster than the speed of light...prayer works in the same way:

Thoughts and energyThoughts create an energy that pulses through the universe
amplifying the field of intentionLike-minded thoughts of two or more amplify this energy creating a field of intention
energetic transformationCoherent fields of energetic intention create transformation

It turns out that what happens 'over there' is actually affected by what happens 'over here' ...What you think and do has consequences that ripple outward from you in imperceptible ways. In New Physics this is called, the Butterfly Effect, and basically means that whatever change or alteration is made on one part of 'a system' (such as the earth or a human body), no matter how small an effort, may create a system-wide effect of great significance.

We are connected. All of us. What one person does, all people respond to on one level or another. And, when enough people share the same intent, it can sway the world. Energetics work and Resonance Repatterning® sessions allow you to accomplish just this: greater peace in your own life, creating greater peace throughout the world in doing so.

What is the Process?

I began facilitating long distance, group healing work many years ago and people began having incredible results! A series of sessions on a topic allows healing to occur much deeper, layer-by-layer, and allows the client to move further into well-being in a very powerful way and at a reasonable cost.

In a series of sessions, you receive e-mail instructions at its beginning and be notified of the specific topic to be transformed before each session. You may also be asked to complete a questionnaire before the first or second session of the series. In this questionnaire, you will be asked specific questions about what you feel is blocking you in relation to the particular topics being dealt within the series. This is a live process...

The compiled group information will give me the material (issues, negative feelings and intentions) to be used during each session in order to deeply transform these into positive Energetics and resonance. As each session unfolds, the energy for positive transformation is multiplied by having a group’s energy focusing and moving towards a common goal together. One of the amazing benefits of group sessions is this power behind the energy of the group. As each series unfolds, the cumulative effect is extraordinary.

What is the scientific basis behind participation by proxy?

While the physical body is the most visible portion of a person, recent scientific studies are showing that ‘we’ are in essence an energetic charge (The Field, by Lynne McTaggart) - a symphony of frequencies vibrating at different rates. These frequencies can be accurately accessed non-locally when you give your permission to be included in the sessions. The practitioner accesses the frequencies of the people in the group by beginning the session with a statement of intention that she (or perhaps another person) will serve as the proxy for the entire group. While this intention is held, the proxy receives and transmits information to the people in the group.

While quantum physics is only now beginning to understand the ins and outs of non-local reality, your participation in the HR Peace Sessions will give you a first hand experience of how this works.

How does participation in a group affect my shift?

Group energy will support your individual concerns. The greater the group, the greatest the intention for shifting and the mass of energy propelling the shifts.

Not only the shared group energetic is addressed and shifted in a group session, but also, each individual's issues are acknowledged and brought into play. Individual concerns and issues addressed tend to be strikingly personal to each participant. Because I take this extra step to achieve individual energetic connection, which takes a bit more work and time on my part…I don't really do "Group Repatternings" as such, (although that is the term I use to announce them), I really do “Repatternings of many individuals at the same time”!

What happens after a session?

After the session is finished, I will send you a step-by-step report of what occurred during the session by email or I may uploaded onto the website that has been specially designed for this series. In this way, you can understand and integrate what has happened. Your reading of this report is NOT a requirement. The shifts will occur in your system whether you read the report or not. I offer the report only as a courtesy, so that you know what fears where released from your system and what aspirations, or positive resonances, you hold in your life as a result of the session.

There may be the need for you to do a Positive Action on your own, after a session is completed. So please DO read any emails that come to you with that title, or scan the report for that section.

How do I prepare for a session?

This series is an email and web site INTERACTIVE & TRANSFORMATIONAL journey, so your willingness and openness to shift are very welcomed. Because I work by proxy on your energetic system, you DO NOT have to be present in-person, by phone or online, during that time. You may go ahead and perform your daily activities normally during the time a session is occurring.

What are Online Group Programs or Series?

The focused intention and energy of the group towards one goal, helps take each participant there faster.

Group Transformational Programs are offered throughout the year at specific locations and/or online, by proxy. If you are not in the location where the group program/workshop is being held, you may sign up as a long distance or by proxy participant. As a proxy participant, you will receive a detailed report of the transformational session you registered for and be able to review all the issues shifted and the new positive resonances now held in your system as a result of the session.
Group energy healing programs by proxyFor more information on Group Programs

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