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Why a Series of Sessions?



After receiving an invitation to a Repatterning Series someone asked me, "Why a series of Repatterning Sessions?" I share the answer with all of you.

Releasing at Many Layers, Many Levels

A Series of transformational sessions is a good idea because we can then release the hold of a specific issue, layer by layer. Many of you have heard me say, 'It is like pealing an onion, a little at a time.' In a series, we access deeper layers of the energetic system to identify and transform more of our negative unconscious patterns within a issue. The same issue may be held in our system at different levels affecting different areas of our lives. This is why when you have various sessions, sometimes you may notice that the same issue-statement can be identified over and over again by the energetic system's check.

You say, 'But, I thought we released that in a session already!' Yes, we did. Now, you are releasing that same limiting resonance in another area of your life where it was debilitating your field as well.

It is the experience of my clients, as well as my own, that results from a transformational session may be either hardly felt at first, often felt in very subtle levels, and/or felt immediately at very obvious levels of our lives.

For example, clients write me that they feel "different somehow," "lighter," "more centered" even though they can't consciously point their finger at what that difference is. Other people experience very obvious shifts right away....the way others relate to them in new ways, the way their thinking patterns and attitudes really have shifted, etc.

A Cumulative Effect

A week after a session on "I am not appreciated" as the primary issue, one client excitedly called me to say that, for the first time in 12 years, her boss had actually told her what a good job she was doing! Now, it may have been that her boss had previously said this to her, yet, because she was not in phase with receiving appreciation, she did not hear this. Or, it may be that because she was not open to receiving appreciation, she was actually preventing the expression from those in her life. In either case, she shifted her negative belief and that in turn shifted the world around her. This is how it works. What we hold in our system is what we attract...for better or worse.

In all cases, the sessions are cumulative in effect. At first, nothing may be consciously felt because the work may be touching the individual system at a deep and subtle level. That is why a series of sessions may sometimes "seem" to be more effective...we actually get to the place where we may consciously experience our shifts.


I am happy and very willing to walk this path with you as your facilitator in our next series.

If you want to begin shifting your issues at this time, then let's go for it!

Wishing you the very best,




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