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What is an astrology natal chart reading?

A reading of the natal chart reveals key issues and patterns about how we see the world around us and how we react to it. At one level, the natal astrology chart reveals what we resonate with - what pulls us and also what we tend to push away in our lives. Becoming aware of these patterns and the part we play in creating our own reality, enables us to become more aware and effective with the people with which we interact and situations that occur in our lives.

Why have a astrology chart reading done?

One of the great gifts that astrology can offer is to bring light and greater clarity to a behavior or situation, so that we can have the opportunity to see it more objectively and move towards it's resolution. In many ways, it is like being provided with a map of who we are and where we are going. We become much more aware and conscious of our choices and the nature of the issues that face us.

It is very ironic that we get an instruction booklet with most of the important things we own, yet we never got an instruction booklet for ourselves!

Many people go through life getting second-hand information about what is good for them. It is unfortunate to base important choices on what may have worked for others, but may not work for your unique life's path. Understanding your Astrology Chart and that of others you are in relationship with, is in many ways, the owner's manual you never got. It is a great investment in yourself, and in your future!

What happens during an astrology reading?

The session is fairly flexible, depending on the issues you prefer to focus on. Questions are encouraged, and the reading takes place in a informal and relaxed setting. You will be provided with a detailed natal chart in color. You are welcome to take notes, however, a complementary CD of the session will be provided.

Typically, a reading lasts about two hours and a half. Readings can be in person or by phone. For phone sessions, your chart, report and CDs will be mailed to you. We also have discounted phone rates for most countries.








How do I prepare for an astrology reading?

It is best to find the most accurate birth time records. Usually you can get these from the hospital you were born in or from municipal records. There may be a fee. These are often more accurate than parent's recollections.

Before the time of your session, you may want to reflect on the areas you would like more clarity. It may also be helpful to make a list of significant events and timings in your life so that they can be incorporated in your reading.

What if I don’t have an accurate birth time?

Most of the reading and it’s benefits do not require an accurate time. As a matter of course, the time is always checked for accuracy as the reading progresses, and often a more accurate time is determined.

What are some of the benefits of an astrology reading with Roman Oleh Yaworsky?

Astrology sessions have been designed to help you understand the core issues that effect your life. You receive not only an understanding of your life lessons, but a means and guide towards shifting towards the person you were meant to be. You find out directly how you give away your power and joy; where you give too much to others and not to yourself; where you lose value and cut your opportunities to gain wealth and support from others.

These sessions differ from more traditional astrology sessions, because the go much deeper to the underlying issues, and offer the insight and practical guidance to change your life around towards better outcomes. Roman draws on his extensive knowledge and experience in other healing methods and transformational techniques, and applies these generously throughout the reading. In many ways, Roman has turned astrology into a unique and powerful healing system.


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