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What is an astrology natal chart reading?

A reading of your natal chart can clarify your key issues and tendencies with which you approach the world around you.

One of the strengths of astrology is that it shows what you resonate with: What you are pulled towards or what you tend to push away in your life repeatedly. It is important to become aware of your patterns and tendencies that can move you forward or get you into difficulties and the part you play in creating your future. With this awareness, you can be much more conscious and effective with the people in your life and the events and circumstances that open up before you.

Why have an astrology chart reading done?

One of the great contributions of astrology is that it can bring greater insight and clarity to behaviors and circumstances in your life.

As a result, you are offered an opportunity to see the situations and patterns in your life with more objectivity and awareness that supports more positive resolutions and options. An astrology chart reading can show you the big picture in much the same was a road map that shows you where you are in your life and the directions and choices you can make.

It is ironic that we often get a comprehensive instruction booklet even for the little things we own, yet we never got one for ourselves!

Without that set of guidelines, we are at risk of following the untested opinions of others that may not address our unique path through life. An astrology reading provides you with that instruction manual, providing a greater understanding not only your own chart, but the dynamics of your relationships with others.

What happens during an astrology reading?

The session is fairly flexible, depending on the issues you prefer to focus on. Questions are encouraged, and the reading takes place in an informal and relaxed setting. You will be provided with a detailed natal chart in color. You are welcome to take notes, however, a complimentary CD of the session will be provided.

Typically, a reading lasts about two hours and a half. Readings can be in person or by phone. For phone sessions, your chart, report, and CDs will be mailed to you. We also have discounted phone rates for most countries.

How should I prepare for an astrology reading?

Take the time necessary to find the most accurate birth time records. Often hospitals, where you were born, keep records. For these, there may be a fee. These records may be more accurate than parent's recollections. Sometimes, times of birth are recorded in municipal or church records or even on birth certificates. Be careful to double check that the date and time shown is the time of birth rather than the time and date of the record being created.

Before your reading, you may contemplate why you are seeking the reading and what areas of your life need more clarity or closure. Let me know if there are any concerns, issues or areas of focus you would like me to address during the reading so that I can give them proper attention as I prepare your reading. I usually prepare the day before.

What if I don’t have an accurate birth time?

Most of the reading and it’s benefits do not require an accurate time. As a matter of course, the time is always checked for accuracy as the reading progresses, and often a more accurate time is determined.

What are some of the benefits of an astrology reading with Roman Oleh?

An astrology session with Roman has been designed to help you understand the core issues in your life. The reading goes beyond just an awareness of your life lessons. It provides a practical guide to help you shift towards a more positive future and who you were meant to be. It is also important to discover where you tend to give away your personal power and your joy, where you tend to leak energy with others and where you give away your value and opportunities.

Roman takes the time to go much deeper into your underlying issues than a traditional reading. His practical guidance and insight will support positive changes towards better outcomes. Drawing generously on his extensive background in other transformative practices, Roman offers the offers you a unique opportunity for greater self-awareness and soulful healing.

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