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Many businesses have used astrology as an aid in making decisions with respect to timing.

What is less known, is that astrology can be effectively used to determine the tendencies, patterns, and paths to success for businesses in ways that other approaches miss.

In the proper hands, astrology can be used to access a profile of a business or corporation that focuses on non-linear relationships. In that way, it can bypass the assumptions and projections that may be based on false beliefs and free new directions and understanding.

One of the ways that this is so effective as a tool is that it organizes the tendencies that people, couples, groups or companies can have in a way that is blame neutral. Instead of going over old material, it organizes information in terms of what the tendencies are, where they are being blocked and where you can improve outcomes. Only recently has science’s understanding of quantum physics and wave theory opened the way to more fully appreciate what this approach has to offer.

Roman Oleh has taken the effectiveness of astrology for businesses further, by developing a means to assess the relationship of the core of a company to its employees and customers over time.

This allows the following to be accessed:

The most effective directions for your company

Find out what tends to work better over time and which directions, assumptions, beliefs tend to be less productive or invite failure.

Where the energy of your company and its dynamics work best and where to avoid getting stuck.

More often than not, it is the challenged areas in a company that tend to be ignored, avoided or covered up. No one wants their career ruined by taking on the parts of a company that others are avoiding. Astrology can help bring these issues to the surface in a more neutral manner, without blame.

Current and future challenges for your company.

What are the underlying issues that are being revealed and need to be addressed? What is being ignored? What are the opportunities that are being revealed?

We often look at companies from the vantage point of management, deadlines, cash flow, priorities, customers, products, profit, and advertising. In the process of trying to meet the bottom line on a daily basis, the dynamic nature of companies is often ignored.

Companies are very much a dynamic system. It is important to take a look at how they are functioning on more than one level. Companies are an interrelationship of people, enthusiasm, and energy, not just cash flow, resources and directives. To access these dynamics, astrology as a tool in the right hands is tailor made.

Astrology for corporations

Getting the Right Directions

In a manner that is not unlike a personal astrology reading, the natal horoscope of a company or business reveals the main themes, patterns, and dynamics that express themselves over time.

Many companies use astrology to help them anticipate opportune or challenging times.

An even more powerful way to take advantage of what astrology has to offer is to determine what the optimal directions are and to identify unproductive tendencies. In that way, a company is better prepared for the challenges ahead.

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