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Astrology Miami brings together the Shamanic arts from the Inca tradition of the High Andes, the healing practices from the traditions of yoga and the transformative spirit and soul work of the west.

Soul Retrieval

The Shamanic art of Soul Retrieval is a journey of recovering the lost fragments of your essential self, created through past experiences, stress, pain or trauma. It is a journey towards re-integration and wholeness.

Healing the Energy Body

Our energy body, which includes our aura and chakras, holds the impressions of our discordant energies and injuries. To release old emotional scars or to rebalance our energetic state, a number of services are offered from theInca healing tradition.


Illumination is often combined with a deep clearing of the chakras and energy field. It is a deep spiritual process that goes beyond chakras balancing and simple clearing.


Divination reveals the means and direction for realigning with sprit and destiny. It is an art that reveals what a client holds in their true heart, the challenges that need to be overcome and the direction towards their greater becoming.

Support for your spiritual journey, spiritual awakening issues, meditation and meditation experiences.
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Destiny Retrieval

Each of our past actions and present choices moves us towards certain paths and possibilities. As we continue along these paths, we add momentum towards their outcomes. To regain our destiny or to free ourselves, we need to determine what new choices will take us out of some of our fated outcomes.

Extraction of Negative Influences

Our bodies and energetic system often holds the results of negative experiences and the results of unfortunate encounters with others. We can experience that holding in the way that it interferes with our well-being, both emotionally and physically. As a result, we may experience that holding as fears, avoidances or stress. Removing the held energetics and stressing elements can return the person towards greater equilibrium, freedom and well being.

Movement and Breath Work

Hatha Yoga is much more than just asanas and postures. Yoga and breath work holds the key to shifting and improving the way that our energy moves at many levels, supporting positive shift.

Spiritual Awakening Support

You can find out more about these and other offerings from www.hrshaman.com

Rites of Passages & Ceremonies

Administered in their original from and in the Quechua language, the 9 Rites of Initiation have been handed down by the Peruvian Shamans through the millennia as initiations and keys to help unlock our subtle and inner centers, and support the deepening of our integration and greater becoming.

The Final Rites of Passage

The rites of passage and support for the final journey is offered for individuals and their families. Assistance is offered in helping people let go of unresolved and unfinished issues at all levels, helping them reestablish their connection to spirit and to support the process of passage both for the individual and for their family.

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