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Being in the present moment

Being Centered

In each succeeding chapter, Roman Oleh Yaworksy reveals the different ways that we give away our connection to our core, our aliveness, joy, and personal power. It identifies the underlying process by which we begin to adapt to the needs and expectations of others.

And more importantly, the author is able to prescribe the effective and practical efforts the reader can make to regain their integrity and reconnect more fully to the source of their aliveness and vitality. This is a must have book if you seek to make major strides in your life and in your relationships.

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Being in the present moment

Nearing Publication - A book on the Astrological Signs

A new book that reveals the Astrological Signs' deep historical and spiritual roots is in its final revision. It will be released as a paperback and e-book.

Later this Year, the second book of the Being Centered trilogy

Slated to be released later this year is the second book following Being Centered in the trilogy. It examines the roots of our choices that determine our fate and destiny.

A new steady-state model for corporate management

Also for release later this year is a fundamentally new approach to management and optimal approaches to the dynamics of companies. It is especially relevant in our changing times.