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In addition to being an astrologer and shamanic practitioner, Roman Oleh Yaworsky shares his unique insights and guidance to support companies and managers as a Business and Life coach.

Roman has created an assessment that identifies the dynamic patterns and tendencies within companies and departments that determine their strengths, weaknesses, and challenges, where positive efforts can be applied to improve success. This can be applied directly to business coaching as well as a means of uncovering the most optimal directions for intervention and support.

Roman often partners with Susana Sorí, an experienced management consultant, life coach, and energy medicine practitioner.

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The great advantage of using astrology with coaching is that it provides a great deal of relevant information from a non-causal perspective. Often, as a result, it can reveal the underlying challenges and areas that need focus faster and more effectively than many other approaches. It can also uncover the significant factors that are often otherwise missed.

"With coaching, it is always important to identify what is holding a client back before you waste their time trying to improve something that may not be working for a good reason."

Roman Oleh

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