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Astrologer Roman Oleh

Astrologer Roman Oleh is available for sessions in the Miami and South FLorida area

Roman Oleh adds his unique energetic perspective to astrology and the healing arts, setting the tone for his client's understanding, healing, and transformation.

He is known for an engaging and dynamic personal style that draws on his very comprehensive background in the sciences, art, energy medicine, spiritual and shamanic traditions.

A scientific approach

Part of the power of Roman's approach is that he bases his client sessions and the material presented in his courses and workshops on material tested through direct personal experience - and it encourages the same in his clients and students.

One of the gifts of his approach is that it has revealed the clarity of the ancient core of astrology, its spiritual roots, and its profound hidden knowledge.


The Signs : The Ancient Knowledge, is a revelation of the essence of the Signs, and what they mean at the deep transformational level of the Soul. The Signs reveal the deep meaning of your Sun Sign, not only where you tend to get caught, but more importantly, what frees you and takes you forward.

The Signs takes astrology back to its spiritual roots, its relationship to the chakras, and the hidden knowledge passed down from ancient times. Each Sign holds its share of that knowledge.

The most incredible book on the astrologhical Signs

Just Released

The Signs: The Ancient Knowledge

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Being Centered: How to Live from Your Authentic Self is the must-have book to optimize your life journey. It will clarify the practical steps you can take to reclaim your integrity with your heart and core. Our personal experiences with Mercury Retrograde reflect that integrity.

Being Centered is regarded as the best book for self healing

Being Centered

How to Live from Your Authentic Self
Second Edition

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Powerful Light Astrology Natal ReportTM & Report Writer

This 35 page report was developed by Roman to compliment his astrology natal readings with his clients. It is both comprehensive in scope and goes into greater depth and practical solutions than is typical of an astrological report.

Powerful Light Astrology Transit ReportTM  & Report Writer

This report provides an understanding of the gifts and opportunities that underlie the events and challenges in your life. It was created to compliment the yearly reviews and forecasts that Roman provides his astrology clients.

The Graphic AstrologerTM 

A resource for astrologers, focusing on graphical techniques for chart synthesis and analysis. Originally published 1991,Toronto. Currently out of print.

Spiritual and Healing Background

Shamanic practitioner

Established in Inca Q'ero healing tradition. Direct clearing, realigning and re-energizing of the chakras and energetic field.

Holographic Repatterning®, Resonance Repatterning®

Detection and removal of disharmonious resonances and emotional patterns.

Extensive background in meditation and yoga

Roman's spiritual experience began with Tibetan Buddhism at the age of 15, and has extended in the last several decades to Kashmir Shaivism and the western and native spiritual traditions of the Americas.

The new focus identifies where and how a client was held back from the full expression of their spirit and determines and provides practical means to return to center, balance and full expression.

Commercial astrology software development

Roman is one of those rare astrologers who does not just use astrology software - he has also written and designed software from the ground up, giving him a comprehensive understanding of his craft and its applications.

He has advanced the graphic presentation of astrology, allowing him to visualize the energetics of the chart, and supporting an intuitive understanding of its dynamics.


"Astrology goes beyond the fundamentals of techniques and outer knowledge. At its roots, it is a spiritual science that reveals our relationship with spirit and how we co-create the universe around us. To truly master astrology is to unlock its inner key from that place."

"I welcome the opportunity to help you advance in your life, career or business.

Formal Education

Medical Illustration, B.Sc. AAM, Faculty of Medicine, University of Toronto

Biochemistry H.B.Sc., University of Western Ontario

Ontario College of Art

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