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How Does Astrology Work?

It may surprise you that astrology works for the same reasons that other branches of knowledge such as science or mathematics work. Ultimately, everything is connected, in one way or another to everything else. Some connections may be obvious, while others may be hidden or subtle. If this were not so, then science, for example, would not work. You cannot separate anything from everything else without changing the state of what you are defining. In today's science, the effect of entanglement takes this even further.

Ultimately, everything is about relationship. Not all relationships are causal or linear. One way that astrology works is to show the connection between things, events, and experiences that occur at the level of resonance and harmonics. In fact, the astrology chart organizes information according to resonance and time.

In school, we are taught that light behaves both as a wave under some circumstances and as a particle at other times. However, in the real world, in our culture and most of science, the focus is on the particle aspect. There is a focus on the mechanism of action, 'how does it work?" and the expectation of a linear process of cause and effect.

Astrology embraces both the particle and the wave. It frees us to look at relationships and events from multiple perspectives.

You may have heard that light is both a wave and a particle. The science that we learn in school focuses on the particle aspect, and this tends to bind us to see the world as objects that behave as causes and effects. Astrology focuses on the wave, and this frees our focus to look at events and relationships from more than one perspective.

What do you resonate with?

What are you attracted to and what do you tend to avoid?

Our direction in life and our choices are largely determined by what we tune to and knowing more about ourselves from this perspective opens up a whole new area in which we can make significant changes and positive shifts.

One tool that helps us determine our resonances and opportunities for growth is astrology. Whatever criticisms have been laid against this approach, when used by an experienced practitioner, it reveals not only our tendencies and patterns but the way that we tend to create our experience of the world around us and project our issues onto others

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