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This interactive workshop series will reveal both the practical and transformative meanings of the planets, signs and houses and the basics from which to start playing with charts. The second part of the series will introduce the energy flow in a natal chart, the aspect patterns, prediction, progressions and transits.

Unique to this workshop series is that we will be looking at the deeper hidden meanings of the signs and planets. Each sun sign holds a key to a person’s growth, promise and success. This is an aspect of astrology that is rarely found in the literature or in other classes.

Also unique to this workshop is the level of personal attention and mentoring during the class.

Course Details

This is a unique and highly interactive presentation of astrology that not only reveals a very useful and ancient wisdom but also supports the practical use of astrology as a tool that increases our understanding of the way we relate to others in our relationships, family, and careers.

Participants in the course have their charts printed out, as well as 2 other charts of their choice, which may be family or friends. As we go through the meanings of the elements of a chart, each student also gets personal attention in learning to understand their own chart and to apply that knowledge to other charts.

There are notes and handouts for each class. The course series is presented in PowerPoint and by showing astrology program results on screen. The class is informal and interactive with questions and inquiries answered as they come up.

Along with notes and handouts for each class, students are provided with the best sources for free astrology software as well as where to get free chart information and calculations on the internet.

This is a very practical emersion into astrology. It forms a very strong introduction if you wish to proceed further in your studies. At the very least, you will know the deeper meanings of all of the signs and the major components of natal astrology chart so that by the end of the series, you will be able to play with a new chart and be familiar and comfortable with some of its key features.

An Introduction to Astrology

Taught by Roman Oleh

Part 1: The Foundations of Astrology

5 Week Series

● An introduction to Spiritual Astrology and the Foundation to Use Astrology in Your Life:

● An introduction to Astrology, where it came from and its basis

● An introduction to the deep meanings of each sign.

● The Sun and Moon; What the positions of the sun and moon reveal in the signs.

● How to know when to act or not based on the moon cycle and phase.

● Mercury, Venus, and Mars; What the personal planets reveal in the signs.

● Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto; What the transpersonal and outer planets reveal.

● Introduction to the houses.

● The angles: The Ascendant (rising sign), Midheaven, Descendant and Imum Coeli.

● What the positions of the planets reveal in the angles.

● The deep meaning of the houses; What the planets reveal in the houses.

Part 2: The Full Natal Chart, Aspects and Tools for Prediction

5 Week Series

● The energy flow in a chart.

● The dynamics of aspects and aspect patterns.

● The keys to success revealed in the chart.

● Putting it all together; Making sense of your natal chart.

● An introduction to time; Prediction.

● Using transits and progressions.

● The moon's nodes; Eclipses and new moons.

● A course review.

The secret of getting past the books; Connecting to the inner knowing.

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