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Life Coaching with Roman Oleh Yaworsky and Susana Sorí

Life coach, Business coach and published author, Roman Oleh Yaworsky shares his own unique insights, talents and abilities with his clients.

Roman's recently published book, Being Centered establishes a new and effective
approach to healing and transformation. It takes the reader or client towards integration
through the path of their own heart and feelings.

In the last ten years Roman Oleh Yaworsky has formulated a means of identifying the interactive resonant patterns within corporations and departments that reveal not only their strengths and challenges, but where the improvements are hiding; where the right effort is most likely to bring success. This has been very useful, not only applied to business coaching, but as an effective aid in determining the most effective directions for intervention and support.

Roman often partners with Susana Sorí, an experienced management consultant, life coach and energy medicine practitioner.

Both Susana and Roman have an extensive background in Yoga, Resonance Repatterning®
and the Native Shamanic Arts.

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