Welcome to Astrology Miami

Welcome to Astrology Miami

Just Released - The Signs: The Ancient Knowledge

The most incredible book on the astrologhical Signs
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The Signs will take you beyond what you may think astrology is. It will reveal the secret and core meanings of each of the Signs and the key they provide to understanding yourself and the people in your life. That key is knowing what your Sun Sign truly means at the level of spirit and becoming.

The glyphs and images handed down through the Ages hold two mythic stories for each Sign. You are likely familiar with the more popular version described from the perspective of culture looking in from the outside, how we get caught and become less than the promise and potential of our birth and natal chart.

The other version reveals the path back to the full expression of your Sign. The Signs describes the journey of your spirit manifesting in the world, and from that perspective, it reveals the path back to your core, to who you are at the level of your heart and soul. This book is an invitation to discover that key within yourself, towards your greater becoming. More

Being Centered - How to Live from Your Authentic Self
The must-have book to support your healing process!

Being Centered is regarded as the best book for self healing

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Being Centered pioneered a new approach to growth and the healing process. It asks two fundamental questions: How did we lose our authentic self, our connection to our core? And how do we reconnect to our center and our heart and return to our power and aliveness?

Being Centered focuses on the practical steps that take us back to our center, to who we are meant to be. This book shares unique insights and proven solutions to make real changes. It has been called the best life coach in book form. Each succeeding chapter shows a different path, a different approach back to our more authentic nature. More

A sample of reviews:

"It's a life coach in a book . . ."

"This is the BEST book on self healing I have ever come across! It should be on everybody's desk."

"The chapter that defines the differences between feelings and emotions - BRILLIANT! It as changed the way I approach people."

Roman’s Spiritual and Shamanic Approach

Astrology has always been a spiritual science. It has always been a powerful and effective tool that describes your tendencies of how you engage the world around you, and as a result, it can be used to reveal the nature and underlying meaning of the events that you have already experienced as well as those that unfold before you.

What is often overlooked is the inner unfolding of your sprit and core.

From that inner perspective, it is not particularly beneficial or helpful to tell someone what difficulties they may encounter, without first revealing the best approach to each challenge, and the key to uncovering the gift that life presents itself, hiding in those challenges.

Roman's strong foundation and decades of experience with yoga, spiritual and shamanic traditions has enabled him to guide his clients from the place of their inner unfolding. As a result, his readings support his clients through their personal healing journey, helping to reconnect them to their true nature and promise.

An astrology reading can provide a map of what works for you, where you have been and where you are going.

Roman takes the necessary time in order for you to receive the full benefit of his sessions. For this reason, natal astrology readings typically last approximately 2.5 hours and reveal your lessons and keys to success at the level of spirit and soul. Sessions are recorded to mp3 audio files and included with the reading are your natal charts, your natal report and a transit report.

Roman has Transformed Astrology Into a Healing and Empowering System.

Miami Astrologer Roman Oleh offers the insights, understanding and realizable steps that can take you to that promise; the path to regain your becoming and your destiny.

Anchored in the practical insights and realizable choices that he revealed in his published book, Being Centered, Roman Oleh lays the groundwork for fundamental and realizable change in the astrology sessions with his clients.

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How Did a Healing Astrology Develop?

After decades of traditional Astrology, it became obvious that for clients who wish to make a difference in their lives, more was needed, beyond simply telling people the obvious - where they are stuck.

It is not that beneficial for an astrologer to tell someone that they tend to act this way or that, because of their sun sign, or an aspect in their natal chart without going further.

It is more appropriate for an astrologer to help them move past where they got stuck, and help them recover their power, their joy. To do this, a way was developed to use astrology to map out the energetic structure, our tendencies to hold ourselves back, and what brings us forward to our potential.

Ultimately, our journey through life is about reclaiming that joy of being in the moment and of being reconnected to the universe. The experiences in life force us to grow, shift, and to move forward to a higher integration and understanding of the various parts of ourselves. And, as we do this, we reopen ourselves to joy, to our true feelings, to acting in the world from the courage, consent, and blessing of our hearts.

What this new approach to astrology offers to his Miami astrology clients, is a key to helping people understand themselves at the core and soul level, their experiences and their direction through life, and what they need to do to reclaim their place in the sun.

Roman is also a published author. He is currently completing several books on astrology, and a sequel to his published book: Testimonials Astrology MiamiBeing Centered. He also teaches classes and workshops in many related fields, including astrology in the Miami area.

Astrology Classes in Miami,TBA

This is a rare opportunity to discover the deeper meaning of the sun signs. discover the dynamics between you and the people in your life. This 10 week series also introduces you to an understanding of the main tools of astrology, so that you can begin to use astrology and horoscope charts with confidence.

Individual attention and mentoring is available throughout the course, as students work with their own charts.

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Energy Healing

Some clients have taken advantage of what astrologer Roman Oleh offers, by following up their astrological sessions with an energy medicine session with Susana Sori, a world-class, fully accredited shamanic healer initiated into the Q'ero tradition of the High Andes.

Susana is certified in long-distance healing and healing over the phone as a shamanic practitioner and also in Resonance and Holographic Repatterning®. You can read more about her work or reach her for an appointment here:

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Life and Spiritual Coaching

Both Roman and Susana offer individual and couples coaching, addressing coherence in life direction, career, communication, and relationships. What is outstanding in the work we do, is that it is very efficient. Often, one session will significantly clear and shift the issues being presented. We take the time to reach and transform the underlying issues.

Corporate Coaching

We offer Working Group and Corporate Coaching, addressing coherence in life direction, career, communication, and interpersonal relationships. Our corporate clients have taken advantage of our ability to resolve corporate dynamcs and personal issues that may get in the way of performance.

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Being Centered

Being Centered, Roman's book to support your own healing journey now has its own website:


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